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Are you ready for a change in your relationship with your Twin Flame?

Is your heart filled with a painful longing for your Twin Flame?

Do you feel a deep sense of grief and loss while you are apart?

There is no doubt that this Love is so deep and unique. 

You are not alone in this.

Have faith. Together we will open the door to a world filled with wonder and even deeper Love with your Twin Flame. It is my honor to support you in healing separation from your Twin Flame.


You deserve to have an authentic and unstoppable Union with your Twin Flame and I am here to accompany you on this journey.


Are you ready to win over your Twin Flame?

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Welcome to Twin Flames Miracles. I invite you to join me on a journey leading to true and permanent Love. Follow your heart and discover how easy it is to heal as you are guided on this unique path with me as your Certified Ascension Coach. Allow me to share my own transformation process, together with the Teachings of Union with you, so that you too can have your Union, Divine Love and unshakeable peace.


Click here to learn more about my journey and let’s heal the illusion of separation together. Your Twin Flame Love wants to be lived, your Twin Flame wants you too - are you ready for your Harmonious Union?

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Carmen Preil | Twin Flames Miracles | Dual souls
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You don't have to do things alone. 
It's safe to ask for support.

Free yourself from endless unhealthy patterns, painful separation and the discouraging blocks. The decisive moment has come to break the cycle of your Twin Flame separation.


With my support, you will gain precious clarity and learn self-love - the key to Union with your Twin Flame. Your love will flourish and harmony will blossom within you like a delicate flower in the morning dew.


The best part?


Nothing stands in the way of the return of your Twin Flame.

Together we will give your life a new direction.

Are you ready to receive unconditional Love?



Are you longing for the most intense Love experience you can ever have?

Do you want to overcome all obstacles on your path to Twin Flame Union? With “Twin Flames Miracles” Ascension Coaching, and the powerful Mirror Exercise healing tool, we will release your blocks together to pave the way for your Twin Flame Union.

Are you ready to live and embrace True Love?



In my workshops, I take you on a fascinating journey into the world of spirituality. We will explore topics such as connecting with Divine energy, understanding Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, revealing your passion and Life Purpose and manifesting abundance and prosperity.

During your spiritual development, the gates to higher knowledge and insight will open.


Are you ready to expand your consciousness?



In my blog posts, we take a journey together into the world of self-discovery, inner peace and transformation.

Learn how to unleash your spiritual potential to experience the essence of True Love and enlightenment.

Together we will explore the path of Divine knowledge and shine the light of truth on your innermost being.


Are you ready to start your spiritual journey?

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More resources

I offer my free resources as gifts and shining signposts for you on your path to inner peace, further awakening and deep understanding of your True Self. They are the perfect companion to support you on your path to inner Union.


You’ll also find amazing, supportive resources from Twin Flames Universe.

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I would be happy to support you.

Are you experiencing...?

  • A deep longing for your Twin Flame?

  • An unforgettable but elusive connection to your Twin Flame?

  • Fears, insecurities and self-doubt in your relationship?

  • Despair due to a lack of success?

  • The painful feeling of endless separation, ghosting or blocking?

  • The struggle with burdens from past relationships?

  • That your true Divinity and inherent value have not yet been fully explored?

  • A difficulty in discerning the difference between ego and your True Self?

If any of these questions resonate in your heart, I am here to support you on your journey.

Together we will...


  • Satisfy the longing and build a fulfilling connection to your Twin Flame.

  • Reveal the fastest way to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

  • Overcome the blocks and build a deeper mutual Love with your Twin Flame.

  • Enjoy and strengthen the romance and attraction with your true Twin Flame.

  • Accompany and support you individually on your unique Twin Flame journey.

  • Experience the joy of transformation as you manifest your Union and Divine Life together.


Ready to take this meaningful step?

What clients say

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I felt seen in Carmen's space without judgment, in trust.

She led me purposefully to the solution of the origin with the Mirror Exercise.


Everything essential could be recognized, felt and released.

Carmen has a confident and compassionate effect on me, which provides security and enables the healing process.


I am very grateful and feel totally blessed by this session.


I will gladly come back to Carmen to be accompanied in further processes.


Thank you very much.


Jeff and Shaleia

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Twin Flames Miracles | Twin Flames Universes | Carmen Preil | Dual souls

My work is based on the Teachings of Union by Jeff & Shaleia,

the founders of Twin Flames Universe. As a dedicated student

of these teachings, I am currently volunteering at the Church of Union

and have successfully completed my training to become a Certified

Ascension Coach.


Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings have already led numerous Twin Flame couples into Harmonious Union. They have made it possible to live a Divine life of Love and Life purpose with your beloved Twin Flame; it is Heaven on Earth.


At the heart of their Teachings is the Mirror Exercise, a powerful tool for healing the deepest of Twin Flame separation. This Teaching has had a profound impact on my own life. In my coaching sessions, I lovingly guide you through the steps of the Mirror Exercise to recognize and release all that is not Love and to pave the way for you to naturally align with your Twin Flame Union.


Transformational Teachings


Through Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Classes, they have given us a groundbreaking path that promises and ensures the manifestation of Harmonious Twin Flame Union for everyone choosing to study their work.


Inspired by the changes that these Teachings have enabled me to make in my own life, I now live my passion and Life Purpose as a Certified Ascension Coach in partnership with Twin Flames Universe. 

Twin Flames Miracles Website.png


If you have any questions about my services, please fill out the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.


Stay in touch.

If you would like to be informed about any upcoming offers, workshops and blogs, you are most welcome to subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you.

Thank you for your subscription!

Carmen Preil
Certified Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe



Twin Flames Miracles | Carmen Preil | Dualseelen
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